Jacqueline has a special knack for language, ritual and space that draws people together and expresses something deeply and profoundly “more.”
— Ryan
I’ve experienced Jacqueline’s gift as a weaver of meaning and thoughtful spirituality into many rites of passage in my life. She has a lovely way of pulling out the intentions that I have and organizing them into something special. She put together a mother blessing for me when I was expecting my first child and later a faith dedication for that child. I even asked her to help me prepare for my gallbladder surgery by putting together a ritual of release, prayer and acceptance for it!
— Tara
As we celebrated my mom’s 70th birthday with an intimate family dinner, you made it easy for us all to say something. It was great to have the simple structure you provided and the small formality to make it special!
— HW
Jackie, Thank you for gathering up all the pieces of our story and knitting them together. So much has happened in our lives these past years that it’s easy to forget how all the pieces fit. Listening to the stories told from others made me fall in love with our story all over again.
You made the space we gathered in cozy, warm, and comfortable. There was laughter and silence, intense listening and thinking, the fire crackling all the while in the hearth.
Thank you for helping us pause, remember and celebrate!
— Matt
When a beloved longtime employee was leaving our institution, my HR department was in charge of his farewell celebration, and we were at a loss for how to bless and send him. Nothing we came up with expressed our gratitude for his service nor our excitement for his next venture.
I met with Jacqueline and explained the situation, and I walked out with a list of her suggestions. We actually had a hard time choosing which ideas to go with and did three of them!
The employee felt cared for; the staff got to convey their emotions.
With Jackie’s help, a situation that had started as a difficult problem became a really meaningful moment of connective blessing.
— Kate
We tasked Jackie with creating an event that would celebrate the twisting tale of our intentional living community and church, honoring those who were part of that journey. The result was a well-researched, honest retelling with space for reflection, participation, and celebration. It increased the value and meaning of this home to us all.
— NW
My wife and I wanted to attach significance to an event, and Jacqueline’s use of words, timing, and symbols in our private ceremony invited us to be present to our situation and then process the emotions, fears, and hopes associated with it.
We left feeling calm and fully prepared.
After the event, we were surprised by positive, recognizable changes that correlated with subjects we had dealt with in the ritual!
— Nathanael
After listening, asking questions, and researching, Jackie created a rite of passage for the children in our faith community that was creative, memorable, and reflective of our vision and purpose. It was also extremely helpful to have the custom task list she made for me to make sure everything went smoothly!
— Karen