welcome! you're likely here because of a transition, a life change of some kind. it may be...

▴  yours or someone else's
▴  coming up or in the past
▴  happy, sad, or a little of both, as changes so often are


together we'll choose ways for you to commemorate it...

▴  alone, with close friends/family, or with a group
▴  casually - a great party with a little meaning creatively infused, formally - a full on ceremony / ritual, or anything in between

my services range from...

▴  one-time consultation to multiple sessions
▴  generating ideas to writing scripts
▴  designing a meaningful event from scratch to adding meaning in an existing event
▴  facilitating a meaningful moment to facilitating an entire ceremony


my services are grouped into...

▴  amuse bouche - "little tastes" to add intention & meaning to your event
▴  entrées - custom event or ritual design + deeper exploration around your transition
▴  à la carte - extras so you have everything you need

All services can be customized to fit your unique needs.


see a detailed list of services...