why custom?

Have you ever sat through a wedding ceremony where you felt the disconnect between the words being spoken and, well, reality?!?

For the rare person today, traditional wedding ceremony words are perfectly fitting with who they are (and that’s great if you’re that person!)

But for many of us, traditional words just don’t resonate.

I meet and talk with people, learn who they are and what their love and partnership is about. Then I craft language and a custom ceremony that uniquely fits each couple and their personal values.

we love who we love. we love how we love.

Your wedding ceremony is the last place you need to feel like you’re squeezing yourself or your love into a mold that doesn’t fit. LGBTQ+, open or monogamish relationships, interfaith partnerships, and more:  We all deserve a ceremony that reflects our love and the unique commitments we’re making.

your wedding can be whatever. you. want.

States only require a couple phrases to make a wedding ceremony legal. Other than that? It's up to you! I love thinking outside the box of what a typical ceremony entails. Do you want your guests to sit in a circle around you or join you for a hike? Do you want an intimate bonfire where you share stories and speak your vows to each other? The words and elements that make up a wedding ceremony can be as diverse as we are people.

prefer a mix of custom & traditional?


As we talk, we'll figure out what makes sense for you - traditional format with custom words, alternative setting with traditional words, mostly traditional ceremony with something a little different added in...  up. to. you.

ready to meet?

It's always helpful to have a quick cup of coffee and see if we're a good fit. Get in touch to schedule a free 30 minute wedding consult, ask a question, or check availability for your wedding date:

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