about me


When I was 16, my aunt told me she was hosting a women's circle for me in two days. I felt uncomfortable with the idea (I don't like being the center of attention), but she'd already sent the invitation, ladies were coming, she was excited. So I said yes. We gathered in her living room by the fire. There were 15 of us.

It was weird and uncomfortable at points. But people spoke powerful words to me that changed how I saw myself and my life. It taught me that words matter, community matters. I realized that shifts in life need to be marked, and we can do that however we want.

Since that time, I hosted events and created rituals and wedding ceremonies for friends, family, and myself whenever I could. In college and graduate school, I studied psychology, human development, family systems, transitions, rituals and transformation. I learned how much our life stories matter.

I'd always thought of rituals and events as a personal passion, something to do on the side. In 2015, I realized it was my dream job and officially started working as a designer/consultant/officiant.

I grew up in Miami, and moved to Seattle in 2008. When it’s sunny you can find me outside - or at the very least by a window. I like reading Sue Monk Kidd novels, going to happy hour with friends, practicing yoga, dancing rueda + other Cuban dances, and slowly improving my tennis skills. I'd love to get a cockatoo, but don't want to have to clean a bird cage!